• Rev. Kathleen McAdams

    Rev. Kathleen McAdams


    Happy New Year and Happy Epiphany!

    I’ll officially begin work on Monday, January 8th, and will be in the office on Tuesdays. I’ll provide some times to meet with individuals and families over meals or coffee so we can get to know each other and discern what is most important to you - what you need from St. John’s, and what you can contribute. In addition, anytime you wish to talk with me, just call or email. I hope if you ever have an emergency, that you would feel free to call me anytime day or night…and, if it’s not an emergency, that you would catch me during the day. Since I will be with you half-time, I’ll continue working half-time as a Hospice Chaplain.

    Here’s a little background on me: Having grown up in California and Colorado, I moved from San Francisco to Massachusetts in 2006 to serve as Executive Director of Ecclesia Ministries common cathedral, an outdoor church and street ministry in Boston. Since leaving common cathedral in 2013, I have served several congregations in the Diocese of Massachusetts. Previously, I served a congregation in Palo Alto, California.

    An Episcopal Priest since 2001, I have a breadth of experience in leading congregations, organizations and programs, as well as working with volunteers, clergy and other community leaders. I live in Quincy with my spouse and our 3 dogs and 4 cats. I enjoy horseback riding, cycling, kayaking, dancing, organic vegetable gardening, and vegan cooking.

    Thanks! Peace,



  • Joyce Cogavin

    Joyce Cogavin

    Parish Administrator

  • Nancy Conrad

    Nancy Conrad

    Music Coordinator

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    Grace Belo


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    Brian McCarthy



  • Donna Sinnery

    Donna Sinnery

    Senior Warden

  • Christine Sher

    Christine Sher

    Junior Warden

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    Michael Lobo


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    Amy Cataldo


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    Joseph Griffith


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    JR King


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    Racquel Marr


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    Andrea Blood


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    Scott Lutz


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    Joy Ball


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